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Dedication to Serving Tenants


Property Management
Held Properties’ dedication to serving tenant needs on an ongoing basis is facilitated by its in-house property management division.  Indeed, the Held reputation is largely based on its unparalleled provision of tenant services.

The expertise of the in-house property management team is utilized early in the design development process, assuring that the building systems are optimally designed for long-term reliability and ease of maintenance.  This early involvement guarantees that the staff technicians will be fully familiar with the intricacies of all systems when the building becomes operational.


While each Held building is staffed with personnel for routine janitorial and custodial duties, the property management services are directed from the central office.  The director of property management or a Held officer visits each building every day.  This allows management to establish a personal relationship with the tenants.  Moreover, it provides a single direct source of responsibility and control, assuring responsiveness and consistency in tenant services.

Held Properties’ property management expertise is supported by in-house heating and air conditioning engineers, dedicated elevator maintenance personnel, and other technicians proficient in servicing building systems.  This technical team provides Held Properties with a rapid response to tenant needs, proper coordination of and preventive maintenance on all building systems, as well as cost-efficient operations.


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Construction & Project Management
Held Properties, Inc. is a General Contractor licensed in the State of California specializing in construction and project management of the base building and tenant improvements of medical and commercial office buildings. In addition to construction of the shell and core, along with tenant improvement on the buildings, Held Properties performs project management and planning services. As such, Held maintains a cadre of employees ranging from project managers to construction crews, consisting of laborers, carpenters and job superintendents. Aside from in-house crews, Held Properties is able to outsource through a large contingent of sub-contractors. Over time, these sub-contractors have provided Held Properties with positive experiences and have been consistently competitive in price. Because of this, Held Properties is able to provide good-value, high-quality product, delivered on schedule.

Held Properties is a development corporation and does not usually contract for a fee. Instead, Held contracts for an equity percentage of the building. This has many advantages. First, it ensures that the contractor has the same interests as the owner. Second, it is a method of further lowering costs by reducing overall budget through eliminating extra fees. This is usually done either by way of joint venture, partnership or other innovative structure.

Held Properties, Inc. enjoys a long and successful track record due in part to its ability to identify and evaluate development opportunities.  Sophisticated computer analyses test a myriad of assumptions relating to construction costs, rental projections, lease-up absorption and financing costs.  Regardless of the technology, the essentials remain the same: location, product and marketability all play vital roles in determining the long-term potential of a project.

Held Properties has two distinct advantages in ferreting out these opportunities.  First, its in-house leasing department is in constant touch with marketplace demand, vacancy factors, rental rates and prospective tenants.  This familiarity assures quicker, truer indices of market conditions than can be gained from outside services. Second, Held Properties is a licensed building contractor with expertise spanning from the complex construction of high-rise office towers to the most detailed improvements of tenant suites.  This breadth of experience benefits Held Properties both in anticipating the true costs of construction, and in controlling the design and construction process to assure the most cost-effective product without sacrificing quality and aesthetic appeal.

On an annual basis, Held Properties’ portfolio creates a demand in excess of $2,000,000 in tenant improvement work and refurbishment.  The in-house construction service improves the speed, quality, and overall performance of the work while controlling the budget.  Moreover, the construction division assures that new building systems will be properly integrated and coordinated with the existing systems.



Marketing and Leasing

The true test of the success of a building is its ability to attract and retain quality tenants.  Held Properties has consistently achieved an early lease-up of its projects and has maintained an average occupancy level of over 98%. While this success is partly attributable to the prime locations and high quality buildings, much of the credit must be given to Held’s in-house marketing and leasing team.

From the beginning of the design and development process, this marketing and leasing expertise is utilized to help shape the building and assure that it can be marketed successfully.  Because the leasing team works exclusively on Held projects, its intimate knowledge of the buildings assists in matching tenant requirements with building amenities.

An in-house leasing staff offers the distinct advantage of having each leasing agent serve as the owner’s representative to the tenant from the initial lease throughout their tenancy.  The leasing agents coordinate both the space planning process and tenant improvement activities.  Moreover, the leasing staff is involved in the entire move-in process, and is dedicated to see that the work is completed to the tenant’s satisfaction. The relationship that is created during the move-in process is maintained throughout the lease term, and the leasing agents serve as an ongoing ombudsman to service tenant needs and lease renewals.

Parking Services
Parking Plus, Inc. provides expert parking management, consulting and auditing services to our valued clients.

With more than 45 years of combined experience in parking management services, the Parking Plus professional team has a reputation for maximizing parking revenue performance while maintaining the highest standards of parking facility service and operations daily.

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